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Weekly Cleaning Calendar

Start off September with this weekly cleaning schedule! Each week focus on different areas of your home. Four weeks of activities you can also do with the kiddos!

September Weekly Cleaning Schedule

  • Week 1: Declutter and Organize

  • Week 2: Deep Clean Kitchen(s)

  • Week 3: Freshen Up Bedroom(s)

  • Week 4: Deep Clean Bathroom(s)

Week 1: Declutter and Organize

This cleaning schedule allows for 7 rooms to be decluttered and organized. Focus on one room area each day. The goal is to clear space by the end of week 1.

Tip: Invest in baskets/bins or even shelves to organize items in your space.

Week 2: Deep Clean Kitchen

Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. The goal is to discard items that are expired or leftovers you are certain you will not eat. We have all been there. You feel guilty but it would be better to have open space to store more food.

NOTE: One In One Out Rule

This rule also applies to keep a clutter free space. Follow this simple rule and you will thank yourself in the long run. If you bring in 1 new item, taken 1 old item out! It is that simple.

Week 3: Freshen Up Bedroom(s)

Do in this order to stay on track:

  • wash any bedding/linen

  • Dust and clean under the bed(s) and furniture

  • Organize your closet space. If you no longer use or remember the clothes, accessories, and shoes you have in your closet throw or donate!

  • Vacuum any carpets/rugs and mop hard floors.

Week 4: Deep Clean Bathroom(s)

Do in this order to stay on track:

  • Deep clean the tub or shower including glass doors

  • Replace curtain liners or wash fabric curtains

  • Clean bathroom faucets, sinks, and countertops

  • Organize cabinets/drawers

  • Wash and replace bathroom rugs

What's Left?

Any common areas and living room can be focused on for October. Focus on specific areas to go more into detail once you reduce the clutter and know where everything is in your home.

If your schedule is too busy, you can shorten this list and do a task for 10 minutes max. If it cannot be done in 10 minutes, leave that task for a date that you will have more time to do it. Alternatively, you can turn cleaning as a family activity. You can teach your kids to take care of the planet and also how to help keep home tidy. 10 minutes should be enough to keep their attention focused.

Remember with a little effort and determination, your home can become a place of bliss.

When you need a bit of help, get an Angel! You can always reach out to cleaning companies and ask to clean specific areas of your home. This will save you time!

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