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We complete every project in a timely manner

Have absolute confidence that our specialists will exceed your expectations.

Personalized Service

Our professional specialists provide personalized service(s), competitive prices and dedicate to give the best customer satisfaction.

Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Special Services

Get the cleaning services you need with Amy's Angels™! With our specialists you can book the following:

  • Carpet/ Rug/ Upholstery Cleaning

    • Deep cleaning​

    • Shampoo cleaning

    • Steam cleaning

    • Stain removal

    • Pet treatment

    • Carpet protection

    • Odor control

  • Floor Cleaning​

    • Deep floor cleaning (this is more than mopping as a new clear coat can be left).​

  • Window Cleaning

    • Interior ​

    • Exterior

    • Tracks & screens

    • Stain removal

    • Post construction window cleaning (removing dirt, paint, tape and/or concrete)

Our professional specialists are trained to perform these special services.

If you are looking for specific tasks let us know today! 


Why Choose a Specialist?

  • Our professional specialists will provide great service every time. 

  • Cleaning to us represents integrity, trust, and accountability.​ 

  • We are able to provide an in-person inspection for additional services with our specialists at no cost. Request a Free estimate today!


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