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We Get Post Construction.

We will take care of your post construction mess!

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We Clean.

Amy’s Angels best post construction cleaning of Los Angeles! Find the perfect post construction cleaning services for your space! Use POST24 to receive a promo!

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Professional Post Construction Cleaning Services

Amy's Angels™ specializes in:

  • Disinfecting/Sanitizing hard surfaces

  • Heavy Dusting

  • Debris Removal

  • Window Cleaning (exterior service with specialist)

  • Floor Cleaning/ Polishing

  • Wiping down all appliances

  • Spot clean interior glass & walls

  • Paint overspray removal (service with specialist)

  • Exterior Building cleaning (service with specialist)

  • And more!

Let us take care of your post construction clean up and you focus on your next project. Amy's Angels™ professional post construction services are the safer options to clean.

If you are looking for specific areas to perform post construction cleaning services let us know today! 

We Service:

  • Apartments

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Offices

  • Homes

  • Retail Stores

  • Warehouses

  • Corporate locations

  • Hotels and more!

What is Post Construction?

Post construction is cleaning after construction work.


When construction work is complete the job is not done yet. Dirt and debris are normally left behind in the space. A property will not be ready to be occupied.


Amy's Angels™ provides both post construction cleaning for home and commercial properties. 

By choosing Amy's Angels™ for your post construction cleaning needs you will be assigned an account manager who will create a package just for you. 

Upon calling, you can book instantly and get cleaning updates for your post construction cleaning service.

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