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Holiday Declutter Tips

Start early! Like now! As we step into holiday season take care of your home! Do small steps to ensure your space is ready for guests and more gifts! Tip 1: Count how many rooms and calculate how many days it will take!

Example: 1 bedroom + closet room, 1 bath, kitchen + pantry, living room will be 6 rooms. Think of anything with doors as a room! This will help you organize yourself more. You can then decide which one to tackle first. Usually do the order of the room that needs the most work.

Tip 2: Give back by Donating this holiday season!

Holiday season also means taking out the stored decorations. If you dispose every year, then you have made it easier to keep your home clutter free!! If not, sort through holiday decorations and keep items that hold sentimental value. Anything that you no longer want donate! You can also recycle!

Tip 3: Make space! Especially for holiday attire!

Those little accessories will pile up. Declutter closet space closest to the front for easy access. This will make it easy to prepare last minute and give you choices! Tip 4: Dispose expired items! This includes makeup and accessories!

Sometimes we forget how long we have had a specific chapstick or product. Notice any odd odors and dried items. Tip 5: Declutter digitally!

Delete old emails and files! This includes unnecessary photos! Organize files if you are not ready to press 'delete'. Be ready to store new memories! Remember to start early! Think ahead of any storage baskets, and where you will be enjoying your holiday spirit!

Side note: You can involve family! Encourage family to declutter with you. You can always make it into a fun activity. All you need is 10 minutes! This is enough attention spans for the younger generations. If your lifestyle prevents you from finishing your holiday declutter, find an Angel to help you! A cleaning company can help you achieve your goals and make the holidays more manageable!

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