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Hello, I'm Amy!

I am Amy Mikhaiel. I am the founder and CEO of Amy’s Angels™ Cleaning Inc. I am a mama of two beautiful children, a wife to an amazing husband, and a daughter to the kindest father ever.
I moved to the United States (U.S.) in 2008 from my home country Algeria in North Africa. I grew up with five brothers and sisters, raised by parents in the academic field. At a young age, I learned to be responsible about my siblings as I was the oldest. My parents made sure we helped around the house by maintaining a tidy space. At the age of 17, I moved out on my own to attend the University of Badji Mokhtar in Annaba to study journalism & communication science. I found myself responsible for my dorm space, where I enjoyed organizing and decorating my room. I always loved the feeling of a clean, neat, and organized space. 

Fifteen years ago, I moved to Los Angeles, CA, not knowing anyone nor having any direction or resources. So I started cleaning neighbors’ apartments and doing their laundry. My neighbors began to refer me to their family and friends a few months later due to my vigorous work. 

Two years into cleaning properties all over the greater Los Angeles area, I was offered positions as an executive housekeeper/estate manager for multiple private families in Beverly Hills. While working around these successful business-oriented clients, I took inspiration. As I heard their stories about their humble beginnings, I related to them as an immigrant woman and single mother at that time. I said to myself, “If it’s possible for them, then it’s possible for me too.” I asked myself what I was good at and what I was passionate about. The answer was cleaning!
Due to the high demand for my cleaning services, I found my schedule completely booked, and I was turning away customers because there was only 1 of me. With my desire and inspiration to start a business, I took the leap and created Amy’s Angels Cleaning™. 
My mission is to help my community by providing high-standard cleaning solutions. I can do so with my amazing team that values our five company pillars; positive attitude, effective communication, high-quality standards, trust and honesty, and respect.
I am aware that I am helping the community by cleaning properties and buildings, providing jobs, and empowering individuals in the cleaning industry. Amy’s Angels is one of the highest-paying cleaning companies, and that is because as a CEO with cleaning roots, I have a better understanding of what’s going on in the field and how my cleaning technicians feel. After all, I was there too.
I still, in 2024, have the same burning passion for growing and improving the business. I am 100% involved in the day-to-day operation and visions of the company. My team and I have built a robust business model that puts the customer’s needs and wants before anything while prioritizing our employees’ well-being and safety. 
I am committed to fostering a healthy work environment for employees and clients alike. Our culture of effective communication allowed us to establish trust with our loyal clients over the past 15 years by cleaning one property at a time.


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