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Desk Cleaning Checklist

Refresh your workspace with cleaning your desk this fall season. Here is a Fall Desk Cleaning Checklist:

Clear the Clutter

  • Remove all items from your desk (including papers)


  • If you have a duster, use it first! If not, use a damp paper towel.

Wipe Down

  • For PC/laptop screens use lens wipes! This will help clear any smudges and safely wipe the screens without scratching.

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean the rest of the desk surfaces including your chair.

Sort and Organize

  • Decide what can go back on your desk and what can be stored elsewhere or thrown away.

Check your Cables

  • Dust/wipe your cables if they appear dusty. If you have not done so already, use a clip to keep them more organized. You can also use cord sleeve covers to give a more clear appearance both on and under your desk!

Decorate for the season! (Optional)

  • Be festive and cozy! Add some seasonal decorations to your desk.

Set Up a Cleaning Routine

  • Choose a day to keep your desk clutter-free and organized. If busy, schedule an Angel to help you clean!

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