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Rid Odors from Plastic Containers

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Have you ever bought plastic tupperware? You wash it after using it with the best dishwashing soap and yet your lunch still lingers?

How can I easily get rid remedy this situation?

Well, you are in luck today! We have 2 easy ways to rid of the any odor for good.

Option 1: Freeze your plastic containers

plastic containers in a freezer

Materials needed:

  • Freezer

  • your plastic containers

  • dishwashing soap

  • water

  • paper towel / drying towels

You have many alternatives in how to make option 1 work. You can hand wash your plastic containers with dishwashing soap and water. You rinse the plastic containers well and you can air dry or if you are not patient use a towel to dry.

Once you have the plastic containers dry. Open your freezer and check that you have sufficient space to place the containers. If you don't, try to make room. Be mindful that you will be leaving the plastic containers in the freezer for 2 days (48 hours exact).

Once the 2 days are complete, take the plastic containers out and use them as normal. They will have no odor and be ready to use for your next dish!

Option 2: Fill your plastic containers with newspaper

plastic containers fill with newspaper

Materials needed:

  • newspaper

  • your plastic containers

  • dishwashing soap

  • water

  • paper towel/drying towel

Option 2 requires you to do more work. You will have to clean your plastic containers like usual with dishwashing soap and dry. Depending on your time constraints you can air dry or towel dry.

Once the plastic tupperware is ready to go. You will need to gather your newspaper. Ensure that you have enough newspaper to fill your plastic containers all to the top. It is best to choose black and white newspaper. How much you need to use will depend on the size of your plastic containers. You can crumble the newspaper and fill the containers or you can tear pieces until the containers are filled.

Once you have the plastic containers filled and covered, leave overnight. Throw out the newspaper once already used. If you don't leave enough time, you can do another night with a new set of newspaper.

Both options are great to rid of odors without putting effort into removing the odor with your hands. You simply allow tools to assist you and all you must do is be patient that it will work.

If you have other easy alternative please do share! I would love to hear from you!

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