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We Get Trash Bin Cleaning.

Rest assured you will receive great service 100% Risk Guarantee!

We Clean & Disinfect Your Bins!

Trash Bin Cleaning is a gentle option. Extend the life of your bins with Amy's Angels Cleaning™.

Stop unwanted odors caused by bacterial growth. Let us leave your bins clean and smelling fresh.

Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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TrashBin_After (1).png


RecycleBin_before (1).png


RecycleBin_after (1).png


Trash Bin Cleaning Services

We train our cleaning technicians with the proper equipment to professionally clean various types of bins. This ensures that every type of bin is cleaned appropriately. Solve your odor problems and eliminate any lingering residue!


We understand how valuable your time is. Whether you choose a one-time, monthly, or quarterly service give us a call to know how we can assist you at a time that is convenient for you!

Types of bins we clean:

  • Trash Bin

  • Dumpster

  • Compost Dumpster/Bin

  • Custom Dumpster

*Please note trash and recycle bin/dumpster MUST be empty*

A service that is convenient for you to use. Call for a Free Quote!


$75.00 per bin


$30.00 per bin per month 


$45.00 per bin per month


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