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Women In Leadership

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

As we approach the last month of the year 2020, Amy’s Angels Cleaning reflects on how thankful we are. If you are new to our website, welcome!

We here at Amy's Angels™, take immense pride in our business. As a women-operated business it gives a special meaning to be part of Amy’s Angels Cleaning. Having an incredible CEO (Amy Mikhaiel) makes this business more than just work. This is a tight knitted community of like-minded individuals that support one another.

Yes, we are an excellent cleaning business serving Los Angeles County and surrounding cities. However, we are more than that! We are a community that elevates their employees. Whether it is customer service or actually performing cleaning and disinfection services, expect a standard of high quality.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know how essential cleaning and disinfection services are to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).

Amy’s Angels Cleaning has built a blame-free environment. How so?

Well, we have implemented:

  • a good communication system

  • a support team approach

  • a clear sense of involvement

  • appraisals systems

We allow for any level of employees to be able to reach one another. Our duty here is to remember to elevate the importance of people. People will always be needed for cleaning (housekeeping) services. A good communication system expands creativity and innovation. It has closed our communication gap and most importantly, elevates what others have to say. We remind our employees how valuable they are.

A clear sense of involvement means an inclusive environment. This fuels innovation and generates high performance and contribution. Our cleaners are able to develop leadership skills while performing cleaning services.

Appraisals are utilized to leave room for bettering the business. It gives an opportunity to look for the better idea and hold personal responsibility for work performance. The reward is always growth and progress.

Ultimately our goal is to Define Your Own Success!

We all have our own races to finish. Our finish lines are all different. What matters most is to align with your own vision and keep going!

There is great encouragement to ALWAYS choose career and family. It may be challenging to integrate a work-life system but work it like a puzzle. It will fit!

As you know, Amy’s Angels Cleaning has women leadership. Women leadership is outstanding! The differences in women leadership contribute to the success of Amy’s Angels Cleaning. Rather than being a step behind by attempting to assimilate to the natural approach of leadership, we embrace the differences and take pride in them.

As a women-operated business we look up to the S&P 500 women CEOs.

Women in S&P 500 Companies

Take a brief look at the most current calculation of women CEOs in S&P 500.

According to Catalyst, women only account for 5.8% of CEOs in the S & P 500.

It really doesn’t make sense as to why women account for such a small percentage.

It is known that there are more women valedictorians and 67% are college grads. There is no doubt that women have the capacity to perform as well as men. Then why just 5.8%? There are many factors into it, one being second-generation gender bias. I won’t get into that aspect here.

What Amy’s Angels Cleaning does is to promote leading like a woman. To focus on learning how the system works and use everything you have to make it.

Here are 5 tasks we here at Amy’s Angels Cleaning do:

– Gratitude –

What are you grateful for today?

– Courage –

Are you courageous today? If so, where have you applied it?

– Healing –

Pray for the healing of people who need it. If someone tells you of their hardships, pray for them next time.

– Synchronicity –

Ask for any signs and guidance.

– Alignment –

Have a purpose. Not just any purpose but one that benefits your values.

Choosing to support Amy’s Angels Cleaning means more than booking a service. We are extremely grateful for our staff and customers! Over a decade of experience, we do our best to find great people and surround ourselves with them. Despite the pandemic, we are very optimistic and look forward to beginning 2021 excellent! See you there!

For our French and Arabic speaking community read Amy Mikhaiel’s article below:

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