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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Book for Black Friday and get a discount on your cleaning visit!!

Holidays are around the corner. Are you stuck thinking of what to gift this time around??

Gift a cleaning!! Gift yourself one too! Save time and think of all that free time you will have to be productive elsewhere.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day for the month of November, we are aware more major stores are closing in-store shopping (Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam's Club, etc.).

Prepare yourself in advance and make sure your home is still clean after Thanksgiving. Yes, we can be your emergency call but we fill up quickly.

Now the deal of the month is 35% OFF if you book a cleaning for Black Friday November 25, 2022.


This a one-day sale that can be redeemed only for Black Friday. If you choose to reschedule for another day, the discount is no longer valid.

You can schedule your cleaning both online and via phone. Simply say you'd like to book for Black Friday for the discount and a representative will know to apply the 35% OFF.

While some sales like Black Friday sale happen once, be on the lookout for our ongoing deals after Black Friday.

Submit code PINKFRIDAY in our form request here -> REQUEST A QUOTE


We all know not everyone will have the budget for frequent cleaning services. Below is a freebie while you wait for our return to your property.

Always check the manufacturing tag. If none, identify if the pillow is handmade in an intricate way that washing in the washer will damage it.

There's a tendency of forgetting to launder pillows. Yes, linen is important but your pillow, the object most closest to your face, also requires care.

If a pillow has a cover, unzip/remove it and wash it separately. Usually the pillow itself is safe to not get dirty with the cover. If you have spilled liquids over it then that would require to wash entirely.

ONLY for pillows that can be machine washed, dry them on low heat to prevent them from shrinking.

For pillows that cannot be machine washed, we do NOT recommend to hand wash. You will spend time squeezing water to the point that will cause the shape and fluff to deform.

When you cannot wet and wash, simply place the pillows in the dryer. Now, before pressing the start button, get yourself wool dryer balls.

You have to set the dryer at high heat and insert the wool dryer balls.

The high heat will remove germs and smells from the pillows. The rotation in the dryer will eliminate dust as well

The usual recommendation is to use clean tennis balls. However, you might not have clean ones and it is not efficient to buy tennis balls for the purpose of only cleaning pillows.

The cool thing about wool dryer balls is that it works as if it were a dryer sheet to remove static, shorten the drying time and will fluff your pillows.

If your pillows cannot be saved then it is time to buy new ones (pillows sale at Target).

Your cleaning experience should be stress-free. If you prefer to wait, a professional is a call away. For more how-to tips be on the lookout monthly.

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