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Daily Cleaning List

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Taking time to clean your place can be tedious. Don’t allow the dirt and debris to accumulate!

To ease your cleaning throughout your place, make a list.

We suggest to do 6 things on a daily basis.

As you know, we are still in a pandemic. Given that COVID-19 is still spreading we would like to share vital information to identify the symptoms. The following is a chart from Intermountain Healthcare. In southern California, we have entered what is called “flu season”. Given that COVID-19 symptoms are similar we would like to give comparison and differences. This chart is not a replacement to a doctor.

Guidance if symptoms are related to allergies, cold, Flu, or COVID-19.

Know the symptoms for COVID-19 vs Flu
Coronavirus vs Flu chart

Nonetheless, you should protect your home from viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

To prevent areas from attracting these things make habit of cleaning daily.

As noted before, simply do 6 THINGS!

The first day starting the daily list may take more time than expected.

However, once you begin it will become easier each day to maintain.

Martha Stewart’s perfectly notes the six things to do daily:

1. Make your bed

  • This plays into appearance of a room. A made bed makes the bedroom appear more orderly.

2. Manage any clutter

  • Briefly look at all your rooms and anything that obviously does not belong pick it up and place it where it needs to be.

3. Sort Mail

  • If you have a box or specific location, place your mail as it comes. Any junk mail throw out.

4. Clean as you cook

  • This will take time to adapt if you do not already do so. Rather than fill up your sinks with pots and dishes, wash as you wait for your meal. This is a bit easier if you have a dishwasher.

5. Clean up spills ASAP

  • Even if it is not a big deal, clean it up! Attending to spills immediately will make it easier to remove and prevent unwanted stains.

6. Sweep the floors

  • The kitchen floor is the most important due to the nature of accidentally dropping food. You can stick to just cleaning the kitchen floor daily but we suggest to do a quick sweep check throughout your foot traffic areas. Sweeping will certainly make it easier to mop.

Amy’s Angels Cleaning has taken extensive training under GBAC to learn to identify symptoms to prevent the spread of biological pollutants. It takes both the knowledge of employees and clients to keep a safer environment.

Our cleaning technicians are doing their best to perform cleaning and disinfection services in the Los Angeles County.

You can do your part and join us by making a daily habit of cleaning. Clean for your health!

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