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Monthly To-do List

Be completely honest! Do you clean the same routine always?

Personally I don't. Every day can change and sometimes I'll run out of time to complete all the tasks I originally had wanted to do.

Then what can be done?

Set different cleaning to-do lists! Stick to routine based on when it will be done. For example, daily tasks should be sweeping the floors. Then for a weekly list set things you don't do as often. This can be laundry.

Then we have such tasks that can be set for monthly. These will be the more tedious tasks that are worth cleaning monthly. Usually it will be things that you are okay accumulating dust until ready to take full charge.

I recommend a simple monthly list. The whole point of a list is to be able to complete it. The more complex the less likely you'll form it a habit.

Cleaning is meant to also be a pleasant experience. Don't make it something you try to avoid.

Here is the best monthly to-do list recommended. You can always shape to what you currently have in your space. Simply follow how it best fits your time.

Monthly To-Do List


  • Vacuum

  • Wipe down


  • Vacuum

  • Spot-clean furniture

Light Fixtures

  • Wipe down


  • Steam clean


  • Wipe down

Most importantly KNOW your limits! Don't create lists that you cannot complete. If you ever require assistance you can always hire professional cleaning services to move through your checklist and maintain your space clean and safe.

We are all quick to clean small messes but forget that in order to clean well we must wipe down good.

Feel free to download the Monthly To-Do List below!

Download PDF • 99KB

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