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Control Dust When You Have Pets

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Provide your pet a comfy space. Get a pet bed! Especially one that is easy to clean.

pet bed alternatives
Pet-Friendly Cleaning

Look for beddings with natural fiber so stick to wool or organic cotton. A pet bed will aid in minimizing your pet from getting on the couch and furniture.

Clean the pet bed regularly to avoid dust buildup! The last thing you want is to accumulate pet dander and dust mites. Get rid of all pests and potential fleas from your home!

A pet bedding that is easy to clean consists of the following:

  • Durable

  • Has Washable Covers

  • Made of Natural Fibers such as hemp, wool, and cotton

How do I clean my pet bed regularly?

The goal here is to clean all your pet beds regularly. This helps not only you but your pets be more comfortable at home.

You will be needing a powerful tool – a vacuum.

Vacuum the pet bed. If you do not have a vacuum, take the pet bedding outside and shake it.

Wash the covers once a week. If the whole bed can be washed then do it once a month.

When washing the pet bed it may be easier to dry the pet bed in a dryer but it’s best to completely dry it out outside in the sun.

Note: Sunlight is a natural disinfectant due to the UV rays the sun emits. Benefit from the sanitizing properties of the sun!

A pet bed will help you keep your home cleaner. A pet bed filled with natural fibers will be not only safe for your pet but for your family as well.

A clean home is a healthy home so on behalf of Amy’s Angels, I advise you to get your pet or pets a comfy pet bed and commit to regularly clean those beds!

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