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Blinds & Shutters Cleaning

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Blinds and shutters are super helpful in a home. They effectively block the sun’s ray and it can keep a space cool. Do not neglect your blinds and shutters!! Spot clean your blinds and shutter with the following tips.

Are you noticing your blinds/shutters collecting dust?

Materials Needed:

    • All-purpose cleaner

    • Microfiber cloth

When your blinds and shutters start collecting dust follow up by wiping away. Use an all purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the areas.

Monthly Dust Routine

  • Vacuum with a dust-brush attachment

Begin your monthly cleaning with vacuuming your blinds/shutters. On the lowest setting use a vacuum with the dust-brush attachment and suction all the dust away. From top to bottom glide the brush horizontally and then reverse the blinds/shutters blades to dust on the other side.

Deep Blinds Cleaning

  • Bathtub (If no bathtub, use a large rectangular container to submerge the blinds)

  • Nylon sponge

  • All-purpose cleaner

Is your dust turning into gunk?

Begin with removing blinds and letting them soak in a bathtub with water for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes, scrub away any grime with a light duty nylon sponge and an all-purpose cleaner.

Rinse well and lay the blinds to dry completely on towels.

Consult a professional cleaning service if you are unsure how to tackle your type of blinds/shutters.

NEVER use any material that is abrasive. Doing so will not ease your cleaning but will scratch the finish of your blinds/shutters.

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