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Automate your Cleanings!

Have your vacation rental be ready for every guest on time!

Amy’s Angels can sync with your calendar to ensure that your cleanings are scheduled accordingly. You will be matched with our teams that have experience in vacation rental cleaning.

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Turnover Vacation Rental Cleaning / Airbnb Cleaning

Amy's Angels follows an enhanced cleaning process. Our professional cleaning technicians are trained with the equipment needed to perform vacation rental cleanings.

Our professional vacation rental cleaning services include cleaning of:

  • Bathroom(s)

  • Kitchen(s)

  • Bedroom(s)

  • Common room(s)

  • Outdoor area

  • Entryway

Offer an amazing guest experience! Take significant steps toward protecting you & your guests. The 5-step process takes time. Get up to speed with our vacation rental cleaning services!​​


Can I provide you a step by step checklist?

  • Yes! Our professional cleaning technicians will ask for your checklist!

  • If you need a specific order of cleaning your property send it our way!

Cleaning vs Sanitizing

  • Cleaning removes both visible and invisible soil

  • Sanitizing reduces the number of germs to a safe level of 99.99%

  • In order to sanitize, our cleaners must perform cleaning first

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