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Give a Superb Finish to Sinks

How well do you care for your kitchen sinks?

If you do not know what kind of sink you have feel free to check out our blog Sinks

Cleaning a sink is generally easy to do. You can always use a mild detergent to clean your sink.


Whenever you decide to clean your sink and soap suds appear. You can quickly get rid of them with a bar of soap. It can be any type of soap as long as it is in solid form. Keep the faucet tap running while wiping around the sink with the bar of soap.

If you want to take extra steps and make your sink have a superb finish then take these best steps for your sink!

Stainless Steel Sink

For a stainless steel sink use NEWSPAPER!

After cleaning with mild detergent let it dry. Then get a scrunched up ball of newspaper and rub down your stainless steel sink with it.

Remove Water Spots with RUBBING ALCOHOL!

Use a cloth and dampen it with rubbing alcohol to remove water spots from your sink.

White Sinks

To brighten white sinks use PAPER TOWELS & BLEACH(Alternative: WHITE VINEGAR)!

Clean the sink as usual with mild detergent and let dry. Then line the entire sink with paper towels. Then begin soaking the paper towels in bleach or white vinegar. Leave the sink alone for 1 hour. Then throw the paper towels away!

DO NOT USE Bleach on Colored Porcelain! It will fade the color!

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