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How Do I Remove Dust From My Lamps?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

If you own lamps you definitely know the accumulation of dust that can happen!

Make sure the shades of your lamps are dust free!

To make it easier for you I will categorize 2 types of lamps.

  • Washable shade lamp

  • Non-washable shade lamp

Why would you care if lamps are clean?

Dust reduces the amount of light a lamp can give off. Most importantly, you can avoid causing unnecessary wear from waiting too long to clean them.

If you neglect for too long cleaning your lamps, you are encouraging poor air quality. Every time a lamp gets moved either unexpectedly or intentionally (turning lamp on/off) dust will fall off and go into the air. There is no fun in releasing dust into the air you breath.

Light Cleaning of Lamps

How does one identify the kind of lamp one has?

The easiest way to figure it out is to check the care instructions of the lamp. If you do have trouble looking at the instructions notice the key materials that make up the lamp.

For the base on each lamp use a soft cloth to remove any dust. If necessary you can use a mild soap and lukewarm water to wipe thoroughly. Depending on the type of base you have you can also utilize metal polish cleaners to maintain shine.

Washable Shade Lamp

Washable Shade Lamp

Please note that washable refers to only the shade.

For a quick clean fill up a sink with lukewarm water. Have a mild detergent of your choosing and add a tablespoon to the sink.

ONLY SUBMERGE THE SHADE! (Each lamp is different in removing the shade so be sure to properly remove each part)

With care gently wash with a sponge the shade and rinse.

Recommended: Simply blot dry the shade with a towel

Quicker step: If you own a hair a dryer with a cool button then blow dry the shade

Non-Washable Shade Lamp

Nonwashable Shade Lamp

It is most likely that you can tell your lamp shade is not washable based on the material or texture.

The most common non-washable shades are parchment and paper shades. These materials will be ruined if water is used to clean.

The best way to keep non-washable shade lamps is to dust daily.

It is highly encouraged to dust frequently so the dirt won’t accumulate and show.

If you do begin to notice dust, gently use a soft brush (paint brushes are amazing at removing dust) to brush away any dust.

Quicker step: BEWARE! Dust will be scattered! Feel free to use a hair dryer on the cool button to blow away any dust. This step will require additional cleaning (generally vacuuming any released dust).

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