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Prevent Unwanted Pests

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Summer can bring insects and animals into your space. Prevent those unwanted animals from staying in your space!

Here are 4 effective ways to discourage pests from entering your home (space).

  • Pantry

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Closet

Kitchen pantry


In a pantry try to store items in airtight containers.

Always tightly seal all food.

For example, if you buy flour, remove it from the original packaged bag and transfer it to a container you can open and close easily.

We also recommend doing this with cereal. You will save space and identify the actual amount left if you choose to store in clear containers.

Oil bottles, honey jars, and syrup bottles should be also wiped from the outside to prevent attracting pests.

Dispose spoiled fruits and vegetables. Be consistent in checking your fruits and veggies before you begin to smell odd odors!

Kitchen area


Wipe any spills as they occur! Especially any spills that deal with oils and grease!

Wash your dishes (glasses and utensils) after any food preparation and after eating.

Keep pet-feeding areas clean! Remove excess food.

Become strict with the areas you eat. Confine yourself to eating in the kitchen and dining room.

Bathroom area


For bathrooms, focus on the drains!

Clear any slow-moving drains as soon as possible.

If a drain has a trip plate, unscrew the plate, pull out the stem and clear the clog that’s possibly hanging.


If it’s a strainer, pull out and unscrew to clean under

If not, use an Auger drain (often called a snake). With an Auger twist slowly into the drain as you go until interrupted. Slowly pull back out to unclog.

Home closet


Wash and Dry-Clean your garments!

If your closet is dark, install lighting. Illuminate the space so you can not only find what you’re looking for but to prevent mildew.

We recommend installing incandescent lights for mildew prevention

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