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Remove Onion, Fish, and Garlic Odors from Hands

There are times we cannot avoid touching smelly foods in the kitchen. There are countless remedies on how to remove odors from your hands. We will be discussing the TOP 3 best remedies at home to remove odors. Can you guess which are?


Not every household will have milk. If you do, you can use it to remove odors from your hands!

Milk works best if you are trying to remove the smell of onions in your hands.

Simply pour milk in a bowl. Pour enough to be able to place your fingers and part of the your palm. Soak one hand at a time. As little as 1 minute you will have better smelling hands!

You can do both hands if you are able to use more milk.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works best for when you are trying to remove the smell of fish! Remember that tuna sandwich you had for lunch?

Yep! We all know you ate it. What is done with lemon juice?

Rinse your hands with lemon juice.

Caution: If your hands have minor cuts you will feel the sting!

Once you whiff your hands to confirm the fish odor is gone rinse your hands with water! Do not keep the lemon juice in your hands if you will be out in bright daylight. Lemon juice will cause sunburn and sun spots.

Stainless Steel (Soap)

With stainless steel you can best remove the smell of garlic! A great tool to have is a stainless steel soap bar. It will work in the illusion of cleaning your hands just like a regular soap bar. That way you can move through your fingers and hands to remove the odor.

Alternative: Use a silver spoon! If you are in a budget and prefer to use what you already have at home a spoon will do! Make sure to rub on your hands under a stream of water.

The stainless steel soap works also for fish and onion odors! It works wonders and is nice to have in shape of a soap bar. The top 3 remedies are milk, lemon juice, and stainless steel. Stainless steel tops as the best option. You can use it as many times without worrying that it will run out. It works for most odors and it does not sting!

If there is a better recommendation do tell. I'd love to hear from you!

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