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How Do I Clean My Blinds?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Do you have honeycomb shades?

Cellular shades also referred as honeycomb shades are fantastic for a home that needs better insulation. wikiHow has an article that discusses further how to clean them.

cellular shade cleaning

How to Clean Cellular Shades gives you methods of removing dust. The materials discussed in detail on the article used are compressed air, microfiber cloths, a vacuum, and if needing professional assistant the use of ultrasonic cleaning.

If your blinds are dirtier than expected the best options to clean them are:

Option 1: Carefully take the blinds down and clean them yourself

Option 2 (Recommended): Hire a professional to assist with properly cleaning the blinds. Amy’s expert tip on the wikiHow article provides an easy method after method 3 to clean cellular shades. Material’s needed:

  • Febreeze

  • Fabric Steamer

  • Optional: Oxyclean

Wikihow expert tip on Shade Cleaning

There are several techniques to cleaning honeycomb shades. If you do not have honeycomb shades and are looking to clean your specific type of blind continue below to find your type.

Martha Stewart provides an excellent guide to identifying the type of shade you have.

Honeycomb shades

honeycomb shades available on Home Depot

pleated shades

Pleated Shades available at Home Depot

solar shades

Solar Shades available at Home Depot

fabric shades

Fabric Shades available at Home Depot

fabric vertical blinds

Fabric Vertical Blinds available at Home Depot

curtains and draperies

Curtains and Draperies available at Home Depot

wood blinds

Wood Blinds available at Home Depot

bamboo blinds

Bamboo Blinds available at Home Depot

vinyl & metal blinds

Vinyl & Metal Blinds available at Home Depot

Identifying the type of shade you have will allow you to control how frequent cleaning should be. It is recommended to professionally deep cleaning your shade at least ONCE A YEAR. Deep cleanings of shades depend on the type material. To avoid potential damage allow for professional cleaning technicians to effectively clean them for you.

If you choose to clean it yourself, it is recommended to not clean the shade while hanging but instead remove it down. Depending on the type of shade the cleaning techniques vary. Stay tuned for further details on cleaning your type of shade.

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