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How Can I Clean My Garage?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Take precaution when cleaning your garage. There is a tendency of making basements and garages as spaces that hold old or unused items.

First step to take would be to declutter and organize your items. Dispose properly of any chemicals and electronics.

Reminder: Electronics have plastic coverings that may contain toxic chemicals. The internal compartments such as chips and connectors can contain lead and mercury so DO NOT just throw them in the trash. You MUST dispose of them properly as they are hazardous.


It does not help storing these items for too long in your garage. The easiest option would be to donate. You can also recycle but be aware locations may charge a small fee for safety disposal.


Once the clutter is organized the next important part is to clean the floor. Think GREEN!!

More importantly, think of any oil/chemical stains that can taint the water. The water you use for the floor will taint and that water will flow down into your driveway into the street.

You do not want to expose your surrounding environment especially your neighbors.

First clear the floors of any STAINS. Please note these steps are for concrete floors ONLY and will take days to complete.

Products to use:

  • Kitty litter or saw-dust

  • paper strips or cardboard

  • broom (Push broom is best)

  • wet/dry vacuum

Identify the stain and cover it enough to not see the stain.

Place the paper strips or cardboard on top covering the stain as well.

If your body movement is limited find someone to assist you on this step.

Step on the paper strips/cardboard and grind the kitty litter/saw-dust into the floor.

Repeat covering the stain with kitty/litter and paper strips/cardboard until you notice the stain absorbed into the paper strips/cardboard.

These products will be hazardous once it becomes tainted with the stain. Do not dispose of them in the trash.

Sweep the garage with a broom.

Remember that the floor can collect dust and absorb chemicals. Do not sweep any debris out into your driveway.

Again, do not expose your surrounding environment and do not led the toxic debris land in storm drains.

The best recommendation would be to use a wet/dry vacuum after sweeping. Sweep the debris into piles and vacuum the piles. Dispose the trash properly.

If your garage floor is free from stains then cleaning the floor is more easier.

Products to use:

  • Phosphate-free soap

  • Bucket/Water hose

  • Water

  • Broom

Make sure that the garage floor is free from clutter. You can later place the objects once you are done cleaning the floor.

If you are using a hose then water down the floor. Squirt parts with phosphate-free soap and use a broom to scrub the floor. Scrub and water in the direction of the driveway to make it easier to clean.

If you prefer a bucket with water mix the water with a phosphate-free soap. Pour the mixture onto parts of the floor and scrub.

Use the hose to rinse the floor and push the water out of the garage. Using a bucket will take more time but will work as well to rinse out the floor.

Keep your garage open to air dry.

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Cleaning your garage will take time but take the safe steps to prevent holding hazardous items for too long and be proud that you are contributing to the well-being of everyone in your home and your surrounding environment.

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