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Declutter on Mondays!

Pre Challenge Yourself this Week!

Start off Monday by setting yourself for success in terms of cleaning your space!

Whether you are at home or in your office take a moment to ask yourself the following:

Do I have priority tasks?

Do I have the cleaning supplies to clean today?

Do I have 10-15 minutes reserved to complete this priority?

Am I ready to be transformed?

If you answer YES to all well let’s proceed with the challenge of the week.


1) Monday: Declutter
2) Tuesday: Bathrooms
3) Wednesday: Dusting
4) Thursday: Vacuuming
5) Friday: Floor Washing
6) Saturday: Your Priority Choice
7) Sunday: Laundry or Rest and Enjoy Day!

The challenge of the week is to focus on different tasks each day of the week. This can be changed accordingly to your schedule. Ideally space out enough time for each to be accomplished well.

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