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Clean A Grater!

Do you ever crave cheese so bad you want to grate cheese all day? I sure do!

It's always fun to grate anything! Cheese is my best choice. What's challenging is cleaning the grater.

Do you wonder, "How can I clean a grater easier?"

You have 2 easy options to try!

Option 1:


A vegetable oil spray will make it quick to coat a grater. Simply spray the grater to ensure that the cheese will not stick. This will make it easier to clean and remove any stuck particles in the grates. It will make it easier to use multiple times for different food items in a timely manner.

Option 2:


A toothbrush works when a dishwasher is not used. You can run the grater under hot water and then brush with dishwashing soap. Try to scrub in directions where the toothbrush won't wear down due to the grates.

By cleaning the grater well, you remove any small particles. Cleaning well will get us to the ultimate goal.

Ultimate Goal: Getting FRESH pieces of cheese every time!

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