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Clean With Tomato Ketchup

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

You are wondering, what can be cleaned with tomato ketchup? As ketchup is acidic it can be useful. Here are 6 materials that you can use tomato ketchup to clean.

copper pots hanged on the wall


Ketchup as a cleaner is best for Copper. Copper develops a layer that causes it to look tarnished. This layer dissolves with ketchup!

We often forget that tomato ketchup is acidic. Before cleaning completely do a test on a small section of what you wish to clean.

Stainless Steel sink

Stainless Steel

For tarnish on stainless steel, you can also use tomato ketchup! Simply apply a generous layer to the spots you want to clean. The recommended time is 30 minutes. Let the ketchup sit on the tarnish for a minimum of 30 minutes. For best results do for as long as you can. After the wait, simply wipe clean and rinse.

cast iron pans

Cast Irons

Believe it or not, you can clean your cast irons with KETCHUP!

Those spots that start to develop rust, cover with ketchup! Let it sit and wipe away!

brass spoons on the wall


Brass is another material that ketchup helps return shine to. For brass the process is a bit different.

You will need a paper towel. You will have to soak the paper towel in ketchup and then apply it to the item. Here, it is recommended to do at least 40 minutes of wait time and then simply remove the paper towel, wipe clean and if possible, rinse.

Cutlery on a table


Silverware like your knives and forks can be cleaned by ketchup!

For removing tarnish in silver, use a toothbrush. With the toothbrush, you will be able to scrub the ketchup into the detailing (if any). After scrubbing, you simply rinse.

Gardening tools

Metallic Tools

Have you heard? Pets are the new children and plants are the new pets.

Ketchup can also help restore those gardening tools to maintain your plants safely!

We all know gardening tools can develop rust over time. Simply apply ketchup to the tools and let sit all night. The following day, wipe the tools clean and witness your tools appear like new!

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