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Amy Mikhaiel Founder & CEO

We are Amy's Angels™, a dedicated team, that empowers our community through cleaning.

Yes, that is right...cleaning!

You may wonder how something so seemingly simple is able to make such a lasting impact.

Cleaning has the power to transform the mind, provide a clean and sanitary living space, and promotes a relaxed healthier environment.

Our Mission Statement:

We pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence. We seek to improve lives, make room for new opportunities, and create personal moments that leave the most positive impact. It is our duty to make Earth a better place one cleaning at a time.

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Meet the Team!

Meet the Angels!

Our trained professional team of cleaners go above and beyond your expectations! At Amy's Angels Cleaning™, we consistently invest in the best training systems. Our cleaners go through intensive ongoing trainings. 

We intentionally select our cleaners to fit our company's cleaning standards. Throughout our internal Amy's Angels™ Academy trainings and courses, we offer our teams all the necessary tools and proper education to further their careers. 

Our company's five value pillars are:


  • Positive attitude

  • Effective Communication

  • High Quality Standards

  • Trust and Honesty

  • Respect

Yes! We also love pets! Our reliable and professional cleaners are waiting to hear from you.

Employee of the Month

We appreciate our staff every step of the way. Our contribution to your cleaning experience is to pass on high quality, value, and exceptional customer service. We invite you to join us and congratulate our employees!